Children's Long Show Gloves

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Once you slip on a pair, you'll understand why, (in our humble opinion) they truly are the world's best show glove. Here's why:
-Taping one's gloves to keep them snug and high on the wrist is a thing of the past.
-The "extra long" sleeve tucks up under one's coat (or shirt in academy classes) for a smooth look in the show ring.
-The soft, pliable capeskin leather provides the rider an unsurpassed feel of the reins.
-Fully adjustable with velcro closure on the underside of the wrist.
-Made in England by the same company that gloves the Royal Family.
-Our supplier explained that capeskin derived its name from the cape area of South Africa where the sheep originated, The hides are now also found in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Israel. The little marks on the leather are called imitation peccary of imi peck. These are man made to disguise the natural marks that all sheep gather throughout their life from hedges, thorn bushes and insect bites. Hides are graded in the factory. Hartmeyer pays a premium for their finest hides.
How to Measure Your Glove Size:

Measure around your hand at widest part, excluding thumb.
The number of inches should equal your glove size.
MEDIUM- 5 1/2"
Large- 6"