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The ultimate in formal attire. The pique shirt is worn with a pique vest and banded pique bow tie. Poly/cotton blend. Black plastic studs are included. Most exhibitors prefer to add sparkle with crystal studs and cufflinks.
Neck Sizes
S (neck 13"-13 1/2")
M (neck 14"-14 1/2")
LARGE (neck 15"-15 1/2")

Shoulder Sizes
S (16 1/2")
M (17 1/2")
L (18 1/2")

Bust Sizes
S (36")
M (40")
L (45")

Shirt Length
S & M (32")
L (34")

[Pique (P-K) formal wear is manufactured for men and boys. You may need to safety pin, or make adjustment, in order to fit properly.]