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Unquestionable, the "shiniest" finest quality top hat money can buy.  Our top hats have a four-inch crown suitable for saddle seat and dressage.  We carefully hand shape each top hat before we send it to you in a fitted Hartmeyer hat tote. You may choose to consider ordering a fiberglass carrying case for your expensive top hat to prevent it from getting squished.

NOTE: Back in Abe Lincoln’s day, top hats were made of genuine beaver pelts. Fine top hats are now made of long haired silk.

Used Hats
We usually have a few used top hats in stock. The prices start at $299.95 and go up depending on quality and condition. Your inquiry is welcome.

Custom Top Hats
Some riders choose to have a custom top hat made to match or compliment their saddle suit. If you would like a custom top hat, send us two yards of your chosen fabric and allow six weeks. The cost is $575. If you would like for us to cover your own top hat, the cost is $375. Send your check along with your fabric. Shipping is included. 

Please check the measuring chart below to ensure correct ordering.  Since there is no give to a top hat, you may need to go up a size.  To measure, encircle the largest part of your head just over your eyebrows.  

We try to keep all sizes in stock so if it doesn’t fit, we’ll send another. If you find that your hat is tight from front to back and you have extra space on the sides, you may need a “long oval” which we can make for you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom sizes and fits.  The majority of heads fit well in a standard oval top hat.  If you need a particularly small or large top hat, we can make that as well.

Once you have measured for your new hat.  Use this chart!

Head size  in inches       Centimeters               Hat You Should Order

21                                    52                                6 1/2

21.5                                 53                                6 5/8

21.75                               54                                 6  3/4

22                                    55                                 6  7/8

22.5                                 56                                 7

22.75                               57                                 7  1/8

23 1/8                             58                                 7  1/4

23.5                                 59                                 7  3/8

24                                    60                                 7  1/2